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Fringe Folk, Roots, Rock and artful Pop

January 2017

I'm feeling strong going into 2017. Plenty on the plate - from putting out new recordings to finishing a play and working more with film. It's going to be an interesting year. I won't bore with resolutions. Sane Lunatic Productions will be going deeper with the fight. 

In topical news, I've completed my annual year-end deep dive into new music. There is plenty of interesting stuff everywhere and in just about any genre. I've been pushed/ moved/ inspired and/or simply enjoyed miscellaneous new music from Kaithlyn Aurelia Smith, Cass McCombs, Parquet Courts, Kevin Gates "Two Phones" has been my jam of late, Danny Brown, Mauren Morris, Sia, Anderson. 
Paak, cuts from David Bowie's last record, Lvl Up... For a quick eclectic list... Mostly I've been enjoying older music.

Keep checking in for updates... New content coming soon.  

Latest Blog Post: Music Movie Review: Thoughts on the Oasis Documentary "Supersonic"

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Jonny Mac

Sane Lunatic Productions is a social enterprise involved in pursuing creative solutions for staging art, publishing written works and manufacturing product. Based in Oakland, California. 


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Fringe Folk: lyrical, unsentimental Folk music spiced with Roots, Rock and artful Pop. Jonny Mac writes original story-songs built from a toolkit of traditional skill, humor, and keen observation. Seasoned by years of countless performance, the sound is alive and thrives in the fresh air of rock clubs, out-of-the-way theaters, road houses, brew pubs, community cafes, niche hotels, restaurants, street fairs, art galleries, independent cinemas, progressive schools, house parties, business seminars, farmers markets, wineries, record stores, book stores, thrift stores, liquor stores, halfway houses, parks, parades, protests, subways, weddings, day cares, who cares... These songs have been everywhere, and they continue to push for a good time direction in quality music and entertainment!" - It Burns Media