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Fringe Folk, Roots, Rock and artful Pop

December 2016

Happy Holidaaazzzeee everyone. I'm having a hard time time getting super psyched about the fun stuff. There is work ahead to address the many wrongs happening in this topsy-turvy world. Where to start... We know how the election went and I'm still processing how the electorate went full bonehead this time through. The results leave us with a rising tide of fascism infecting the already tenuous freedom of our democracy. Standing Rock is dispiriting and represents a serious moment for the USA to nut up and do the right thing. The sight of all the military cops and knucklehead militias forcibly quashing peaceful protest is really disgusting. Get it right, America. We seem to be a hair trigger away from any number of environmental catastrophes... The list goes on... 

In happier news, the Far Corners shows last month went great and we're looking to have vids from the movie up on YouTube Shortly. In the meantime, check out a new vid of yours truly jamming in the green room prior to the recent Far Corners movie premier. Check it out here: New Song

Recent Blog Post: Thoughts on the Democratic Process

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Jonny Mac

Sane Lunatic Productions is a social enterprise involved in pursuing creative solutions for staging art, publishing written works and manufacturing product. Based in Oakland, California. 


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Fringe Folk: lyrical, unsentimental Folk music spiced with Roots, Rock and artful Pop. Jonny Mac writes original story-songs built from a toolkit of traditional skill, humor, and keen observation. Seasoned by years of countless performance, the sound is alive and thrives in the fresh air of rock clubs, out-of-the-way theaters, road houses, brew pubs, community cafes, niche hotels, restaurants, street fairs, art galleries, independent cinemas, progressive schools, house parties, business seminars, farmers markets, wineries, record stores, book stores, thrift stores, liquor stores, halfway houses, parks, parades, protests, subways, weddings, day cares, who cares... These songs have been everywhere, and they continue to push for a good time direction in quality music and entertainment!" - It Burns Media