Fifteen Love/Hate - Lists for 2013

15 Things I Loved in 2013 that Didn’t Directly Involve Family and Friends
Pesto (variety)
Flat bread pizza
Hand crafted, well-made and fresh pilsner beer
Live music
New Yorker Magazine
Interesting and/ or funny tweets
Satellite Radio
Nights in Nevada County beneath viewable constellations
Open flame / slow cook / grill
P4 Party Cruiser
Justified (TV Show)
Hardcore History (podcast)
15 Things I Hated in 2013
Gun violence outside of my house
Children getting shot in Oakland
National Rifle Association
Saccharine shopping music
Koch Industries, Inc.
David Ortiz 8th inning grand slam in game 2 ALCS
Litter thrown out of car windows
Garbanzo Beans
Corporate phone trees
Fishman guitar pickups
Technology fated for planned obsolescence
Vocoder instrument
Pothole on 55th St between MLK and Market

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