Non-Essential Activities that Feel Productive While Social Distancing… or just #StirCrazy

1. Grow a long mustache. 

2. Write your own lyrics to Louie, Louie. 

3. Memorize the witty one-liners of the Blue Man Group. 

4. Ukulele this / Ukulele that. 

5. Dig out that old #2 pencil and check the legibility of your handwriting. 

6. Write a manifesto with a #2 pencil. 

7. Dance like no one is watching because that it likely the case. 

8. Make music with a wine glass. 

9. Clean your phone – and don’t stop there – clean the whole house! 

10. Compose the perfect Tweet. 

11. Keep disagreements with quarantined housemates at a slow burn, stopping just short of resolution. 

12. Match Tupperware containers with lids. 

13. Hunt for missing sock. 

14. Spin all your vinyl backwards and look for messages from Satan. 

15. Savor the smell of fresh made coffee… for an extra thirty minutes. 

What are you doing to cope with isolation?