Fascism is Real (Essay #1): Call It for What It Is

Note that many of the incessant flag-waving patriots are a-okay with fascism. They might not realize it, or they might not be honest w/ themselves. They might be scared, or weary, or just assholes, or a combination thereof. But they are out there and wanting uniformity and name tags and they will probably be very agreeable to far worse in the name of "safety" and "coexistence" and "prosperity" and whatever other devolution towards oppressive sloganeering. 

These people, budding and blooming fascists alike, talk a big game about freedom, but it's an empty conceit and self-serving. They are hostile towards intellectualism. They utilize a populist message, but it is patronizing. When it comes to freedom and the exercise of liberty, the strict ideological bent of a fascist only allows for an impatient nod – at best - towards the justice end of the equation. They don’t have an active legacy in the civil rights battle, for instance. Fascists are not arbiters of freedom, or keepers of the moral high ground. Their expertise in the fight is limited to strength in numbers. 
The problem is that oppressive ideologies are growing in number. The reasons are many and complex, and this is not something a fascist is likely to explore with you. Don’t let ignorance work in their favor. Don’t bog down in the bullshit by trying to engage with a fascist. It’s a waste of time and energy. They will take advantage of your goodwill and exploit your desire to share ideas. They’ve given into a worldview that dims curiosity and prohibits self-reflection. A fascist will turn any attention into a validation of self-importance. Let the fascists pound sand in their sad attempts to whitewash history. 
Fascism is real. There is a point where a person can become toxic. Seriously, break free from those looking to steal your space and outlaw your liberties. Move on and live your life to the fullest in spite of them. Deep down, a person of such persuasion knows they are lost. The big lie is holding everything together for a fascist, and thus their ideological action becomes that much more desperate, severe and dangerous. The mono-cultural world will eventually run roughshod. Get out from under the grip and get out now. Move forward and beyond, and let the brutes to sort through the wreckage of their own making.