Whether or Not One Stands During National Anthem 

Fake issues are a problem because they are a distortion of real issues. Whether or not one stands during the national anthem is a fake issue. My political take is that having an opinion on the subject matters - but it doesn't matter that much - especially if you're not willing to have an honest conversation about where this all comes from in the first place. 

Concession stands don't close down during the national anthem. They almost never show the anthem on TV because ad revenue is more important. Some people are unable to stand for whatever reason and who is the moral arbitrator of that? People are so quick to judge rather than process things with logical discipline. 

I'm not convinced anyone really cares about what others do during the national anthem as long as it doesn’t impede on the liberty of others. I sound like a Libertarian now! And where are the Libertarians when you need them?! Critics of Colin Kaepernick’s protest have turned their attacks personal, resorting to shooting the messenger rather than discussing an actual issue. Such criticisms strike me more as virtue signaling gone wild. 

If people do care, I don't see how an opinion on whether or not people stand during the national anthem can work into an outrage. What are we even talking about? Is it the flag? Is it the national anthem? Is it the police? Just when did all this become so entwined and linked by subjective interpretations of patriotism? Since when does symbolism override exercises of liberty? 

Heightening the importance of symbols over an individual's right to protest is showing a lack of confidence that the symbols hold real meaning. Relying on iconography is desperate and histrionic so as to drain a symbol of its substance. What does it say when we find it acceptable to sell hotdogs and run car commercials, or use the bathroom, during the national anthem but bellyache when a high profile individual exercises a personal right to protest?