An Appreciation for the Beach Boys

I like the music of the Beach Boys. Brian Wilson's unabashed Pop compositions are more than mere formula songs by enlarge (even the early stuff). The music invokes a simplicity that betrays its technical and emotional complexity. Done well, the…

Music is Imperfect

Automation can serve music, but it can't correct it. Music has no correctable qualities. The air/ lilt/ light/ space adding color and vibrancy to sound are the gates by which the body and mind gain consciousness of the composition from…

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Def Leppard, after years of directing ladies to pour sugar on them, are as determined as ever to own the situation. 
Sadly, dousing your lover in sugar is still well outside of societal norms despite the best efforts of Def…

Boy Bands – Fuck No!

Remember NSYNC? Wow, they were really in sync. Streamlined. Uniform. They were painting by numbers and staying within the lines. Step – 2-3-4; but dazzling, no? Just kidding. All boy bands suck. Not just a little bit, but very much…


Motivational Slogans Pretty Much Suck

US culture places a high premium on feeling good. How about feeling how you feel and being true to that? There is something "ugly American" about the proliferation of motivational sloganeering along paths of self-realization. Less talk, more do. At…

Music Talk on the Subject of Swag

The conversation used to be music-related when I'd talk with management types about how my music fits into the big picture. Lately, it’s been more about what kind of branded merchandise we can sell down the road - shoes, ties…

American Underground/ Outsider Rock in the 1980s (Part 2): Punk Rock

What is Punk…? I’d say political-action: (MC5, Clash, Black Flag, Gang of Four, etc.), and jamming the status quo: (Sex Pistols, FEAR, Dead Kennedys, etc.). I’d call it a vibrant energy beyond the mainstream capable of linking memorable characters along…

Out of Body Experiences

I’ve had two very real out of body experiences in my lifetime, both set to music. The first one was in high school. I slept in my parent’s basement, had a room there, and I’d keep the radio on and…

Fifteen Love/Hate - Lists for 2013

15 Things I Loved in 2013 that Didn’t Directly Involve Family and Friends
Pesto (variety)
Flat bread pizza
Hand crafted, well-made and fresh pilsner beer
Live music
New Yorker Magazine
Interesting and/ or funny tweets
Satellite Radio
Nights in…

Letter to Santa Claus


I don’t know if you’re working with the NSA or what, but how bad have I been? You haven’t left me as much as a lump of coal since I don’t know when. I would prefer coal, by the…