Fifteen Love/Hate - Lists for 2013

15 Things I Loved in 2013 that Didn’t Directly Involve Family and Friends
Pesto (variety)
Flat bread pizza
Hand crafted, well-made and fresh pilsner beer
Live music
New Yorker Magazine
Interesting and/ or funny tweets
Satellite Radio
Nights in…Read more

Letter to Santa Claus


I don’t know if you’re working with the NSA or what, but how bad have I been? You haven’t left me as much as a lump of coal since I don’t know when. I would prefer coal, by the…Read more

The Automaton and Popular Music

If time is money, evaluating today’s popular entertainments requires a certain currency of distraction. We live in an immediate era, and the logic of herd mentality can seem spun into perpetual disorientation. In a typical pop music video - for…

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Ten Recordings for a Deserted Island

I was recently asked to pick ten recordings that I would want to have with me while stranded on a deserted island. Personally, the thought of being stranded – on a deserted island no less - presumably with no rescue…Read more

Lou Reed - RIP

Lou Reed. RIP. One of the great rockers for sure, and a great writer. To my mind he was someone who gave thought and feeling to important things. He didn’t patronize the listener or suck up to crass business interests…Read more

Lester Bangs was a Frustrating Mess

Lester Bangs was a writer’s writer for Rock criticism. He was brash and unabashed; as colorful as his subject matter, his passion for culture was infectious. As a bonus, he could string together complete sentences, (not necessarily a pre-requisite for…Read more


MTV is awful in this day and age, but at one time I watched quite a bit of it – back in the silent commercial days. I was just a kid. My dad brought a box home one day to…Read more