Fringe folk, rock, roots and artful pop

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Oct 2021 / News 

New Album update: Coming soon - down to the final details! More details on way - stay tuned! 

Now Streaming...: I've entered into the world of streaming. 21st Century Slavery is available on all platforms Spotify, Apple, etc. Spotify link at the top of this page... More music coming to the stream soon... Note that my streaming profile will be under this album cover (if you're searching by "Jonny Mac"): 

You Tube: You can now find my music on You Tube. Search "Jonny Mac 21st Century Slavery"  Leisure Time

Record Review Four Sentences... Micro music reviews  - four sentences, no more/ no less. It's random/ eclectic... It's what I'm listening to! 

Other Stuff... New interview - 

Sane Lunatic Productions: Music available for purchase HEAR

Far Corners Movie: This Is Everything

PSA #1: Listen to a Far Corners podcast on Mutiny Radio: Interview

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Lots of content here - check out the music player at the bottom of this page to add a sonic element as you explore. The music player features a combination of new tunes, old tunes, outtakes, covers, etc., will update regularly.  

                             Petty Luv @ the Deer Creek Music Festival in July 2021. (photo by Val Camp)  

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Fringe Folk: lyrical, unsentimental Folk music spiced with Roots, Rock and artful Pop. Jonny Mac's original songs are an inspired blend of musicianship, lyrical insight and humor. Seasoned by years of countless performance, this is a sound that comes alive and thrives in the fresh air of rock clubs, out-of-the-way theaters, road houses, brew pubs, community cafes, niche hotels, restaurants, street fairs, art galleries, independent cinemas, progressive schools, house parties, business seminars, farmers markets, wineries, record stores, book stores, thrift stores, liquor stores, halfway houses, parks, parades, protests, subways, weddings, day cares, who cares... These songs have been everywhere, and they continue to push for a good time direction in quality music and entertainment! - It Burns Media