Friday June 8th - Thirsty Barrel w/ Tinkering Fool (Grass Valley) 

Friday July 20th - Crazy Horse w/ Petty Luv (Nevada City) 

Friday July 27th - Ol' Republic Brewery w/ Pat Kerns (Nevada City)


Wednesday May 23rd - Crazy Horse (Strawberry Music Festival pre-party with Petty Luv acoustic) (Nevada City) 

Friday May 18th - Coopers (Nevada City) 

Thursday May 17th - Private Party (Nevada City) 

Monday April 16th - 151 Union Square (w/ Thunderegg, On Dolphin) (Grass Valley) 

Saturday March 24th - Smith Tasting Room (Grass Valley, CA) 4-7pm

Sunday Feb 25th - Open Book (Grass Valley, CA)

Tuesday Jan 23rd - Ol' Republic Brewery - (Private Party) 

Saturday Jan 20th, 2018 - Ol' Republic Brewery (Tom Petty Tribute)

Monday Dec 11th - NCTV (Nevada City, CA)

Saturday November 18th - Smith Tasting Room (Grass Valley, CA) 4-7pm

Saturday November 11th - Ol' Republic Brewery - 7PM (Nevada City, CA)

Saturday August 26th - Smith Tasting Room (Grass Valley, CA) 4-7pm

Sunday August 20th - Grass Valley Brewing Company (Private Party - Grass Valley, CA)

Saturday May 5th - Smith Tasting Room (Grass Valley, CA) 4-7pm

Friday Jan 27th - Ol' Republic Brewery (Nevada City, CA)

Saturday, Nov 20th - Box Theater (San Francisco, CA)

Saturday, Nov 5th - Mutiny Radio (San Francisco, CA)

Thursday, Sept 29th - Open Book (Grass Valley, CA)

Friday Sept 9th - 151 Union Square (Grass Valley, CA)

Sunday August 21st - 151 Union Square (Grass Valley, CA) 

Saturday August 6th - Smith Tasting Room (Grass Valley, CA)


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