Hillary 2016

I think the argument that Hillary is an ineffectual political insider and/ or beholden to special interests is tired. You could replace her name with anyone else running for high office and it would carry the same weight depending on your political point-of-view. It's hot air basically. Also, if there is anyone who has proven to get things done within "the system," it's Hillary. So I'm not buying that her negatives stem from operating within the current system (such criticism, by the way, implies that the current system will be replaced with - wait for it - a whole new system!)  
What I do find interesting is the particular sort of animosity that many dudes have towards Hillary. I'm not talking about civil discourse, informed opining, common venting, etc. - all important/ valid to some degree. I'm talking about the fact plenty of dudes become irrationally hostile and even menacing when pressed to detail their issues with Hillary. I think this is because she is a powerful politician with a long and distinguished career, and also because she is a woman.  
I can hear the dude chorus now: "my criticism of Hillary has nothing to do with her being a woman...!!" Whatever. It's not all about you. I think it's hard to deny - and frankly, weird to ignore that plenty of dudes resent Hillary because she's female. So many guys are raised with a notion that they're supposed to be in charge, but in reality, it's a false myth and damaging. There is no such universal rule. It's just a crappy tradition basically, and it needs to be exposed for the nonsense that it is in this modern age. As a side note, these wounded guys should to get to know some of my male musician friends who have long ago figured out that sometimes the path to realizing one's best ambitions is to hook up with a smart girl who can also pay all the bills.  
Anyway, plenty of dudes are grinding their teeth at the prospect of a woman POTUS. It's not by coincidence that Hillary is the first woman with a credible shot at becoming the next commander-in-chief. It's a big moment, and a mad/sad thought for plenty of dudes stuck in the 19th century. 

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