Music Talk on the Subject of Swag

The conversation used to be music-related when I'd talk with management types about how my music fits into the big picture. Lately, it’s been more about what kind of branded merchandise we can sell down the road - shoes, ties - haha. I'm not surprised this happens. But, what does kind of surprise is how many people accept it without  much critical thought. It’s as if the modern musical dream only becomes fully realized when a clothing line is attached to it. Personally, I’d make more money selling shoes and ties working for Macy’s. The guitar I play might offer some fair services, but I make no promises when it comes to your accessorizing needs. 

If you want swag, buy tee shirts and buttons because these items are more than mere fashion. They represent little flags we carry to communalize out loud in our collective inspiration. Shoes, ties, even high-end booze; this stuff is all status-quo bullshit. Buy a Sane Lunatic Productions tee shirt or button and rock on. If you want my shoes, well, I only have a few pairs and the price point must reflect that. Straight-talk: my shoes (all of them well-worn) are not that good of a deal for you. The SLP tee shirt on the other hand, that’s some hot and holy shit right there. Currently SOLD OUT!!
Maintaining a brand identity is reasonable business practice, but having a meaningful connection to music is truly special  - and valuable - in my world. I do my best to account for this with my music and the future has me feeling optimistic. The 21st Century is allowing more connection to the experience of culture on a local level. See - hear - feel - support and partake as you can. Also, note when it goes a little too far… Listen closely; when the actual music gets lost in the plot, you are much closer to buying shoes at Macy’s than you are to being amidst vital culture.
Historically, musicians (actors too) have always been the equivalent of road kill in the pantheon of human societies. Musicians – and more specifically, musical people - are largely anonymous and silent across the pages of history. In many instances they were to be avoided, persecuted even. I don’t see how aspiring to sell shoes with an acoustic guitar honors the suffering behind this sad fact. If history is an accurate measure, it’s only a matter a time before shifting focus away from musical creation to self-important musician-endorsed accessorizing leads to a replacing of musical instruments with donkeys and DJs – wait, what the?! FUCK! 

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